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About Us


When Purty (Pronounced Pur-tee) was founded in 2010 it was not started for the same reasons as most brands. We weren’t trying to solve a problem and we were not seeking an opportunity in the market. It was honestly started as an outlet for creativity and a need for something more. 


We are Co-founders Monica & Claudine… two friends that discovered their love for all things Purty while working as news producers at a local tv station in Florida. While producing on the graveyard shift, we found ourselves to be uninspired by the doom and gloom that typically comes with daily news. We yearned to produce content that was a true reflection of our personalities. It was our fantasy of going from graveyard to glamorous. 

 During coffee (for Claudine) and diet coke (for Monica) breaks we explored the idea of starting a fashion blog together. That idea quickly evolved into starting an online boutique. How did we go from starting a blog to starting a boutique? No clue!  Those sleep deprived days are a blur. The idea just manifested through one of our many overnight convos. We yearned to produce Purty content and we knew we wanted to create a brand that made our customers feel… Purty!

 What is Purty? It’s that something more. But it’s also a feeling or a vibe. The earrings that complete your look, the candle that sets the mood or the t-shirt that is effortlessly chic.

 Sometimes the things we buy help make our world a little bit better. Our goal is to curate and create items that make you smile and feel oh so Purty!